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By June 28, 2021blog

Why is it important to evaluate your property?

Presenting fair value to the customer makes their image in the market more valued.

Valuing a property for sale or lease is essential not only to set a fair price for the space, but also to avoid headaches in the future, with incomplete or incorrect documentation, problems that were not reported by the owner and unpleasant surprises, such as bad location and/or problems with the condominium. Understand below the importance of evaluating the property before putting it on the market:

Charge fair value for the house, apartment or land

One of the main purposes of evaluating the property before putting it on the market is to help the seller or lessee charge a fair price for the property: just that. Many people tend to think that the property is worth more simply because it is well located, for example. Others end up being more restrained in price because the property does not have a wide view, ending up disregarding other qualities, such as the recent renovation or infrastructure of the condominium. It is the role of the assistant broker in these evaluation points, taking into account the most diverse aspects, such as construction time, parking space, building structure, condominium fee, among others.

Evaluate what improvements can be made before putting the property on the market

The state of conservation is a very important part of your assessment, after all it is directly linked to the valuation of that space. Even on those that are in good condition, it is essential to carry out preventive maintenance. A house or apartment in disrepair means that the buyer or tenant will have expenses in the future, which devalues the place. When carrying out an appraisal, you can identify critical points in the property (such as broken tiles or windows, for example) and point out what needs to be repaired before the sale or rent, as well as improvements that could be made but do not necessarily impede the space. go to the market.

The property valuation process should be seen as a thorough medical examination. You must pay attention to the smallest details that become essential to reach an accurate diagnosis and get the best deal for your property.

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